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This Week on Rewind With Jimmy Jay: Music Trivia!

Set an alarm on your phone, put sticky notes on the fridge and the bathroom mirror, tell your neighbor to remind you, just do whatever necessary to make sure you don’t miss Rewind with Jimmy Jay on Hot Oldies Diner radio this week!

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This Week: Sole Remaining Member of 70’s Band Badfinger on Hot Oldies Diner

They were a band with an amazing start. They were promoted as “the next Beatles.” They also suffered unspeakable frustration and tragedy. This week on Rewind with Jimmy Jay, Joey Molland, who is the sole surviving member of the 1970’s band Badfinger will share some of the history of a band that may have had the loftiest expectations, and the most tragic ending during that decade.

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This Week on Rewind with Jimmy Jay: Peter Tork of The Monkees

Recorded prior to Tork’s passing last year, Jimmy didn’t hesitate to ask the hard questions, and Peter didn’t hesitate to give the kind of direct, hard-hitting, and extremely funny answers like only he could.

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